The end

This is my last post on this blog.
As you surely have noticed, the blog has not been updated in a while, and now I have taken a decision and I will close it.
This blog has been a personal experiment. I read a lot of blogs, and I wanted to try to write on one myself. So I opened this blog, where I posted links to science news everyday. The blog has had its popularity, with a peek of 6000 visitors in one day. Many have linked to me, and I thank everyone who has read this blog in the past.
The reason I close this blog is that I don't manage to find the time to update it as I would. I could continue, but I would deliver a "product" that doesn't satisfy myself.

I would like to invite all my readers to keep reading the science articles written by a person who I consider the best astronomy journalist in the world, Nancy Atkinson from Universe Today, who has been linked by me hundreds of times.

And I would also like everyone to bookmark and read a fantastic culture source, the best blog I know: TYWKIWDBI, written by Minnesotastan. It's a must.

Thank you all, see you around.



Anonymous said...

A pity but I understand the sentiment.



Swift Loris said...

Sad to hear you're closing down. I've enjoyed your posts enormously. You can be proud of what you accomplished; you did a great job.

benG said...

thanks for all the great info, loved this blog!

Minnesotastan said...

I am truly sorry to hear that you are closing your blog, because I've been visiting every Wednesday for the past year or so and have always found items of interest (about a dozen of which I've reposted).

I think all of us who blog go through cycles of enthusiasm and burnout, and when the process becomes less satisfying (or a seemingly tedious chore), then I agree it's time to refocus or perhaps quit. I've been to the verge a time or two myself.

I do hope you will leave the blog "up," if for no other reason than to allow people to access the content you've already posted. But also it's possible that six months or a year from now you might want to give it another try, even if just on a once-a-month basis.

You have a good "eye" for quality material in a wide spectrum of fields of science, and a visually attractive format for presenting the information.

Whether or not you return for a encore later, you certainly have my best wishes for whatever you undertake as a replacement activity and my sincere thanks for giving me many many hours of browsing pleasure.


Anonymous said...

mi piaceva molto e lo guardavo spesso,
hai fatto comunque una bella cosa

Anonymous said...

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