More unknown light phenomenons in Northern Norway

As someone of you probably recalls, I wrote about an unknown light phenomenon observed in Northern Norway one month ago. Now I have to bring up the topic again, after a massive wave of sightings was reported in Northern Norway last night. Moving spirals, blue rays, shape-changing light globes were observed inseveral cities triggering hundreds of phone calls to emergency numbers.

The online edition of the norwegian newspaper VG has many pictures taken in different locations, including this stunning one taken in Tromsø:

or this one taken in Ånstad:

There are also some videos that are really worth seeing, here, here, and here

Norwegian scientist can't find any natural explanations for these phenomenons, and think that the lights could be caused by russian missile testings in the Northern Sea, but Russia has today denied that the lights have been originated by their activities.

I'll post updates if they'll come.

UPDATE: Another picture gallery on

UPDATE 2: According to the Barents Observer, an anonymous russian military source says the light was the result of a failed launch of a Bulava missile from the Typhoon submarine "Dmitri Donskoy" in the White Sea area.


Anonymous said...

looks like a teleporting device. :)

Anonymous said...

It's a Russian missile test gone bad.
The fact that the russians deny any knowlegdge about does not surprise me. Since when did the russians admit anything going wrong?

Anonymous said...

The spectacular photo in VG , I think must bee edited in photoshop.
VG is a garbage newspaper that manipulates photos just to sell more newspapers.
A little more "spiral" in photoshop, and the picture is as spectacular as shown.

Anonymous said...

Photo's taken with long camera exposure. Longer exposure= more light in the receptor. The gas in the picture is backlighted by the sun that's just over the horizon in the background, and while the "missile" was spinning it spread the fuel or gas further away from the center, thus the vortex.

Picture is taken by a local resident, Jan Petter Jørgensen.

Anonymous said...

it reminds me of something from Stargate

Anonymous said...

Stunning pictures. Amazing phenomenon!

Anonymous said...

EISCAT is located in Tromso. If I had to bet, I'd put my money on that.

Persiaa said...

The first thing I wondered was "Where's the Orii Supergate?"

It's a cool photo.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who said this is a missle from russia is an idiot. If it was russia then they would be shooting a missle over another countrys territory thus starting a war..... I see no war.


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