1 Milky Way; 3,000 Images

What a gorgeous and immense image! And it's full of stars! An astronomer from Central Michigan University has put together a new high-resolution panoramic image of the full night sky , with the Milky Way galaxy as its centerpiece. Axel Mellinger stitched together over 3,000 images to create this beautiful image, which also comes in an interactive version, showing stars 1,000 times fainter than the human eye can see, as well as hundreds of galaxies, star clusters and nebulae.

Full article by Nancy Atkinson on Universe Today


Minnesotastan said...

Couldn't find an email contact for you, so I'll communicate via this comment.

I've nominated NAACAL for a Weblog Award in the Best Science Blog category. Hope that's o.k. with you.




Naacal said...

Wow! Thank you very much!!!
I didn't know the nominations had started.
You are my candidate as best blog of the year, just so you know it :)


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