The Hunt For Gollum

"A light from the shadows shall spring..."This short film is a prequel to The Lord Of The Rings, set in Middle Earth which depicts events leading up to the Fellowship of the Ring. The story follows the Heir of Isildur; the "greatest huntsman and traveller in Middle Earth" as he sets out to find the creature Gollum. The creature must be found to discover the truth about the Ring, and to protect the future Ringbearer.The script is based on the appendices of The Lord of the Rings, and references in The Fellowship of the Ring. AboutThe Hunt For Gollum is a non profit collaborative short film by a group of volunteer filmmakers. As a Lord of the Rings Fan Film, we are not affiliated with the Tolkien Estate or New Line Cinema and are producing this project as an entirely non commercial film. As with other fan films we are making this purely for the enjoyment of the material and the experience of making a high quality low budget film.So Far...Production began in early 2007 when writer-director Chris Bouchard started adapting the script from the Appendices of The Lord of the Rings. Since then, the first three days of filming were completed in September 2007 on location in N Wales. The remaining shoots are scheduled at intervals throughout 2008 in order to finish the film before the year is out.Free DistributionAs a non-profit production, the entire film will be released online for FREE download on and various websites. Also, as production is still underway there is currently an opportunity for anyone to sponsor the production and receive a DVD copy plus a credit on the film. By contributing to the project you will support low budget film and increase the quality of the final result.Collaborative Film MakingMaking a high quality non-profit film would not be possible without the commitment of a large number of talented cast and crew. This production has been open to everyone for collaboration, and as a result, the passion for this project has drawn together a diverse blend of working professionals, students and youth from every walk of life.



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