Conficker to activate on 1st of April

Prepare for a nasty shock on April Fool's day, security experts have warned.
That's because the Conficker worm, otherwise known as Downadup, is set to activate on 1 April.
A variant of the worm known as Conficker C is the focus of security experts' attention and is thought to have infected millions of PCs worldwide without the knowledge of their owners.
What is not clear is what exactly will happen.

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Chad Cloman said...

Here’s an article with a different take. FTA: “April 1 is the day that the worm is set to change the way it updates itself, moving to a system that is much harder to combat, but most security experts say that this will have little effect on most computer users' lives.”

Chad Cloman said...

The article I referenced in the comment above is a hyperlink, but the color scheme doesn’t make that obvious unless you’re hovering your mouse over the words “article with a different take.”

Chad Cloman said...

Sorry to clog up the comments, but I have one more thing. The color issue only occurs when the link has been visited. So I guess it's not a problem after all.

Naacal said...

Thank you for your link, Chad.
I think that maybe the concern is really being exaggerated.
We'll see what happens.

Some other interesting links here:


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