T-Mobile Dances Across Our Screens With Innovative Multimedia Campaign

T-Mobile unveiled a pioneering multimedia campaign that kicked off on Friday 16 January with the premiere of its ‘Dance’ television advertisement. The ad, created by Saatchi & Saatchi London, features 350 dancers breaking into a dance routine en-masse at Liverpool Street station in London. The filming of the advertisement was done in ‘guerrilla-style’, with hidden TV cameras placed around the station to capture the spontaneous reactions of London commuters as they watch the dance troupe complete moves from a range of different dance disciplines including ballroom, hip hop and well-known dances from the 60’s. ‘Dance’ was filmed and edited in just 36 hours, and premiered during the takeover of an entire commercial break during last Friday’s Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 4.The 350 dancers from across the UK were choreographed by leading choreographer, Ashley Wallen. In addition, T-Mobile ran an internal competition to find four T-Mobile staff to participate in the commercial.

via Unruly Media



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